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Federal Citizen Information Center

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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US Federal Government Agency (see all agencies)
General Services Administration
CFDA #: 39.009

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Range and Average of Financial Assistance

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Note: This section lists the representative range (smallest to largest) of the amount of financial assistance available. These figures are based upon funds awarded in the past fiscal year and the current fiscal year to date. Also indicated is an approximate average amount of awards which were made in the past and current fiscal years.


(Salaries and expenses) FY 03 $9,199,985, FY 04 est $14,477,400 and FY 05 est $15,612,797 for FCIC. (Note: In addition to these amounts, other Federal agencies and private sector entities pay the cost of reimbursing The Government Printing Office for distribution of free consumer publications from Pueblo, Colorado and for providing contact center services. These costs are as follows: FY 03 $2,816,793, FY 04 est $3,411,623 and FY 05 est $3,735,687. Public Law 98-63 established a revolving fund for the Consumer Information Center (CIC). Under this fund, FCIC activities are financed from the following: Annual appropriations from the general funds of the Treasury, reimbursements from agencies for distribution of publications, user fees collected from the public, gifts to defray the cost of printing, publishing, and distributing informational and educational materials and any other income incident to FCIC activities. All are available as authorized in appropriation acts without regard to fiscal year limitations.)

Note: The dollar amounts listed in this section represent obligations for the past fiscal year (PY), estimates for the current fiscal year (CY), and estimates for the budget fiscal year (BY) as reported by the Federal agencies. Obligations for non-financial assistance programs indicate the administrative expenses involved in the operation of a program.

Account Identification


Note: Note: This 11-digit budget account identification code represents the account which funds a particular program. This code should be consistent with the code given for the program area as specified in Appendix III of the Budget of the United States Government.